Like a floating hot spring resort on the lake: the relaxing town scenery
reflected on the water at the west side of Lake Togo

Cozy hot spring town on the southeast side of Lake Togo with peaceful,
gentle and nostalgic aura

There are many hot spring areas such as Hawai Hot Springs and Togo Hot Springs around Lake Togo, where you will be fascinated by the abundant seafood from the Japan Sea, and can see the beautiful evening scenery of Lake Togo: one of the eight views of Sanin.

Spring : The season of beautiful cherry trees and aromatic bamboo shoots
Summer : You will see fireworks at Suigo-sai (a summer festival) and Tomari's summer festival, and will smack your lips over the cuisine such as fresh squid and big oysters only during summer.
Autumn : You will be delighted by autumn leaves and mountain delicacies such as matsutake, mushrooms and chestnuts.
Winter : You will see the winter landscape of the Japan Sea ,and speaking of the winter in Tottori, you can enjoy matsuba crabs.

Hawai Hot Springs and Togo Hot Springs are located in the center of Tottori Prefecture. It takes 90 minutes to fly from Incheon International Airport in Korea to Yonago Kitaro Airport in Japan, and then takes 80 minutes to get to the hot springs by bus. For travelers from another country, it takes about 4 hours to get to the hot springs from Kansai International Airport by bus.

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