Enchoen Peony Festival
The peony called "Hyakka-no-Ou" is one of the most beautiful flowers in China. More than 1300 trees with 2000 flowers can be seen in and around the Enchoen during the blooming season. The Peony Festival is held at proper time. Stands will be set up around the outside peony garden during the event.
Enchoen Chinese Cosplay Convention
Enjoy cosplaying at the nation's largest Chinese garden "Enchoen" used as a location for the TV drama "Saiyuki" !
Hawai triathlon in Yurihama
The triathlon event starts and finishes at Hawai Yume Hiroba. The course consists of wimming in Lake Togo, 3-lap bike riding and 1-lap running around the lake. It has been held since 2008, but about 600 volunteers support the event.
Suigo-sai (a summer festival)
The festival features tug-of-war games, Toro Nagashi (a lantern floating ceremony), and ronin dance in the summer of Yurihama-cho. What is more, fireworks set off on Lake Togo is a must-see.
Tomari Kaijo Miyuki
In Tomari, Kaijo Miyuki is a particular event that evokes large hauls of fish and the ocean's safety. The full-dress ships with fishing boat flags are a summer scene.
Hawaiian Festival Hawai in Yurihama
It features Hawaiian lessons where you can try the hula dance and ukulele. You can also see vigorous hula recitals and concerts by Hawaiian artists.
Lake Togo Dragon Canoe Convention
The players compete against one another, paddling dragon-shaped canoes on Lake Togo. Dragon canoeing was established as a sporting event at the Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Festival in 1976. Currently, Asian and world championships are held.
Pear Picking
You will be able to harvest Nijisseiki pears yourself, and to eat fresh ones. The Nijisseiki Pear is Tottori's specialty product that features the yellow-green skin, juiciness, and well-balanced taste: the sweetness and acidity.

The season: from the beginning of August to the middle of November
Enchoen Matsuri (Festival)/Chinese Cosplay Asian Convention
It has many events: "Yurihama-ichi (market)" in front of Enchoen Gate, various contests on a special stage, and Asian Convention of cosplaying where cosplayers from all over the world will attend.
Crab Bus Service
Matsuba Crab is the representative winter dish in Tottori. The Crab Bus runs between Osaka and Hawai/Togo hot springs from December to March at a bargain price including a sightseeing tour. It operates every day during the season.

The season: from the middle of December to the end of March